Clip on peace sign in silver with enamel detail


What better symbol than the sign for peace? You don't have to have a boho hippy love fest to appreciate the sentiment, it's simply the best dream to have. This silver charm is decorated with a high quality white enamel; the colour of purity. Tingle charms feature the iconic silver star branded with a T - a guarantee of their quality and authenticity. The clasp on this charm opens to fit onto a 1.5mm link or chain.

Materials: Sterling silver with enamel detail

Finish: Polished

Approximate dimensions: 18mm high x 15mm wide x 2mm deep

Approximate clasp size: 8.3mm x 6mm to fit link size: 1.5mm

Weight: 2.7 grams

Dispatch: Within 3 working days

Code: c45-10-268 "Peace Sign" by Tingle

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