Iolite bead and chain necklace in silver with gold detail

Dagnit Hen

The iolite is an amazing stone. not only is the purple-blue tone of this stone immensely attractive, it also has amazing properties; the Viking used thin slivers of this stone as polarising filters through which they could see the sun and thus determine the right direction in which to sail. This beautiful necklace feels like a treasure plucked from a voyage to distant lands, a beautiful combination of silver, gold and iolite beads, the T-bar fastening can either be at the back, worn as a feature at the front or to the side.

Materials: sterling silver, yellow gold plating and iolite stones.

Finish: polished 

Dimensions: 10mm wide x 3mm deep. Length: 42cm (16 inches)

Weight: 24g grams

Dispatch: within 3 working days

Code: 30-11-051 by Dagnit Hen

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