Lovelinks Red, White and Blue Flag Swarovski Crystal charm bead


Such strong colours sparkling with so much meaning...

Many flags feature Red, White and Blue and meanings assigned to these colours are generally as follows:  Red often symbolises valour and toughness. White; so often the colour of purity and peace. Blue; the colour of justice, constancy and loyalty

The UK, USA, France, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Serbia, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Taiwan, Nepal, Laos, Russia, Panama, Cuba, Chile, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Samoa - all feature these colours in their flags.

The hole on this bead measures 5mm in diameter allowing it to fit on many charm bracelets and necklaces including Lovelinks, Pandora, Trollbeads, Biagi and Chamilia. Each bead has rubber on the inside of the thread hole allowing it to sit snuggly on a close fitting chain.

Materials: Swarovski Crystal and sterling silver

Finish: polished

Approximate dimensions: 12.5mm overall diameter x 6.5mm width

Approximate thread-hole size: 5mm

Approximate weight: 3.5 grams

Dispatch: within 3 working days

Code: 11831770-24 Swarovski Crystal bead by Lovelinks

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