oval shaped solid silver interlocked double bangle

Annika Rutlin


Two is the magic number!...

A couple - a pair - a team....representative of duality, love and support. Life does indeed need opposites in order to work -Yin and yang!

Two words can provoke emotions and motivate you to do the great things....Be yourself..be together... harmonious unity!

A deeply symbolic pair of weighty square profile interlinked bangles. 

Beautiful on its own or gorgeously stacked in multiples, as modeled here by Inger Moss.

This double bangle is handmade so if you feel that none of the size options would meet your perfect fit then just email us an exact measurement for the size you require and we will order it in for you...we are all beautifully individual after all!

Material: sterling silver

Finish: matt or polished

Dimensions: 3mm square

Approximate weight: 39 grams

Dispatch: Within 3 working days

Code: UB62 United Collection by Annika Rutlin

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